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How It Works

Growing your Community Stokvel

How It Works

Growing Your Money Now!

Min R300 - Max R10,000

Summarily, you declare the willingness to Provide Help by making a pledge. The Help provided will start growing from the moment you make the pledge (at the rate of 80% in 30 days). Within 30 days of making your pledge you will be paired to make donation directly to a participant (or participants) whose details are given to you. These details includes; recipient’s name, recipient’s bank account details and recipient’s contact detail. After making the said payment to the recipient, then you indicate that the payment has been made by uploading your proof of payment (POP). Upon receiving the said amount, the recipient indicates that the donation has been received. Within the next 30 days from your PH date, your maturity time is completed and you are due to receive payment of your initial investment and incentive (80%) of your matured investment within the 30 days.

Each PH Order Grows for 30days , if a member wants multiple orders, he or she can do so . That is how it works.

How To Join :

  • Register
  • After Registration, The system will automatically login to your dashboard where you will have to Activate your account by typing in the Activation Codes that will be displayed on your first login dashboard screen. You need to do this the very first time of automated login after registration.
  • After Activation spoken above, go a head and fill in your banking details , failure which you can not proceed any further untill they are filled in.
  • You are good to go and start making money now.


Key Words Used Here and Their Meaning:

POPProof of Payment

CONFIRMConfirmation That you have paid. Meaning Confirmation is for only the PH or Donor or Investor Member , the Payer. (the PH member MUST CONFIRM payment NOT the GH or WITHDRAWING member or RECEIVER of MONEY)

APPROVE/APPROVAL : Approval of Payment (You have been paid – GH member Approves that he or she has been Paid)  . To Approve that you the  RECEIVER or GH or WITHDRAWING member have Indeed RECEIVED payment from the PH member. (You the GH member MUST APPROVE the Transaction or Payment RECEIVED from the PH or PAYER member)

1. Join Now – Register Here
2. Verify Your Email and SMS OTP Verifications
3. PH, Donate or Invest .
4. You will get Matched or Merged to A Reciever to whom payment will be sent.

5. CONFIRMATION (A MUST and IMPORTANT to The PH or Investor Member):

You the payer must CONFIRM your payment by uploading the Proof Of Payment on your side so that the TIMER Stops counting down to zero. (should the TIMER reach Zero without You Uploading Proof of Payment, The SYSTEM will AUTOMATICALLY Approve it and BLOCKS you; It doesn’t Matter whether The RECIEVER has APPROVED you Before COUNTDOWN to ZERO)

NOTE: Since Our system is very SECURE 100%, There is no fraudsters Wanabies who think they can cheat the system, so the Proof of Payment of the CONFIRMATION part is used to VERIFY the TESTIMONY of the GH or WITHDRAWING MEMBER.
; Because there are those who would like to write FAKE TESTIMONIES or bypass the SYSTEM by just APPROVING the TRANSACTION without APPRECIATING THE SYSTEM FOR THE BEST WORK IT HAS AVAILED TO HIM OR HER, After all the system is free of charge.*

So Please PH, DONORS, INVESTORS Members , make it a point to confirm your payments by UPLOADING PROOF OF PAYMENTS. For the smooth operation of the system and those that use it.


Before a GH or WITHDRAWING member can approve any transaction(s), please make sure to follow the steps below in their order for your smoothing rolling:

  1. Check your bank balance, bank statement, bank sms notifications or any that is convenient to you regarding the payment from MY Sustenance Payer.
  2. After doing item a. above, click on the VIEW POP button as explained and shown or demonstrated in HOW TO WRITE A TESTIMONY OR LETTER OF HAPPINESS ARTICLE (SEE ARTICLE HERE) . You will need the POP link later (that is why Item No. 5 above is very important because its the step that will produce that POP link).  Keep the POP link open in the web browser – I repeat , you will need it.
  3. Now that You have opened the POP link in the web browser, you can now proceed to APPROVING PAYMENT recieved from the PH or INVESTOR member.
  4. After APPROVING PAYMENT, you will NOTICE that you can not go anywhere or navigate to anywhere within your personal office or MY Sustenance Account if you have note written us a GRATITUDE LETTER a.k.a TESTIMONY a.k.a LETTER OF HAPPINESS (since everything is free on the system, Letter of happiness is the only reward you can give back to us, nothing to lose, just a few letters to write and submit ). So this takes us back to The PH or INVESTOR Member to Item No.5 above as a Must for The PH member to CONFIRM his or her Payment by uploading POP.
  5. After Writing A Testimony, the system will allow you tocontinue anywhere because your testimony will have been Verified as TRUE by the system, because it willhave to compare it with your GH ORDER, PH ORDER Matched to YOU and the ORDER Reference Numbers too, just to keep our platform the BEST and TRUSTED System ever, No fraudsters, No Cheats, No Fakes , No Borgus members, Name it. 

We are proud to avail this State of The ART Platform, Compatible with The SADC Nations

Higher, Faster, Stronger

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